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We run for fun, we run for free.
See our running groups for latest Covid-19 updates on groups.

Wellington Running Club, located in the Somerset town of Wellington, welcomes runners of all abilities to join our free running club.
Originally founded by club skipper Denise Poole in 2016, WRC was created as a sister club to Taunton Running Club (TRC ) for a group of friends to run together. We now have four groups that meet on most Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6.30 pm behind Co-op supermarket in the car park. Also Sunday mornings at 9 am.

Our Running Groups

Covid-19 implementation of new groups.

All normal running groups have been suspended while we are following Covid-19 guidelines from English Athletes and the Government. We will be meeting and running in groups with a maximum size of six people. Social distancing between and within groups to be maintained. Also priority to members of the public ref social distancing to be given. Photos taken of each group at club nights and loaded onto our facebook page in case of track and trace requirements being needed.


Lead by Clare and assisted by Natalie and Sara. This group is ideal for beginners.

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Lead by Denise and assisted by Sam with a target pace of 11-12 mins per mile

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Rodneys Rockets

Lead by Rodney and assisted by Donna with a target pace of 10-11mins per mile

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Lead by Chris and assisted by Vince. Target pace 8.30-9.30 mins per mile

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Group Leaders

Clare Rodger

Penfolds group leader

13-14min mile pace

Denise Poole

Dangermouse group leader

10-11 pace per mile

Sam Walters

Dangermouse group co-leader

Rodney Lockyer

Rodneys Rockets group leader

Donna Butterflies

Rodneys Rockets group co-leader

Chris Poole

Stormtrooper group leader

8.30-10 pace per mile

Vince Reed

Stormtrooper group co- leader

Jeremy Walters

Co-leader to all groups


Club Mascot

Famed for eating...ANYTHING !


PRESS Reports

Louise goes the extra mile

Louise goes the extra mile

Louise Lowery from Wellington Running Club completes a mad five weeks of events and some epic runs.
Making up for all the cancelled races these past 6 months Louise went a little crazy and completed five marathons in five weeks.
19 September - Race the Tide Marathon - 26.97 miles.
27 September - North Devon Marathon - 26.15 miles.
4 October - Virtual London Marathon - 26.26 miles.
10 October - A Run with no Witty Name Ultra - 32.41 miles.
18 October - Hellstone Marathon - 26.87 miles.
Some very tough events in their over every terrain possible including crossing an estuary to beat the tide and cut off times.
Know doubt Louise has a few other races booked in so watch this space. Well done from all at WRC.

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Run to the Sea

Run to the Sea


Denise Poole completed her first ultramarathon over the weekend. Run to the Sea race 50km (30miles) was held in Dorset and started in Ringwood. A point to point event that would end in Bournemouth. A covid registered event meant runners started in pens of 6 to allow social distancing. Denise was of and running at 7am on a bitterly cold morning. Two fast 10km sections along the Castleman Trail were done. The route then headed into Poole before following the coast path to Hengistbury Head. These 10 miles proved to be quite tough. Pancake flat and long straights are not a runners best friend. Some elevation allows other muscles to work. However at 26.2 Denise got a personal best over the marathon distance. Onto 30 miles and the finish....well that what was expected but the race had other ideas. 2 bonus miles finished over sand dunes and finally the finish line at 7hrs 17mins. Huge well done to Denise and all the other computers on the inaugural event.

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Re-starting running club post Covid-19 lockdown.

Re-starting running club post Covid-19 lockdown.

Following the low R rate in Wellington and Somerset we decided the time was right to start meeting again. Also following https://www.uka.org.uk/ guidelines on meeting and running safely.  First meet was 6th July 2020 at 6.30 pm with 29 members in attendance. 

Main guide lines given to the group. . 

1. Do no attend if you or any members of your contact group have any symptoms of covid-19

2. We MUST have you listed if you are going to attend so we can create a safe meeting place and control group numbers.

3. Be prepared to maintain social distancing at our meeting location and whist on a run. Priority MUST me given to other members of the public. STOP when required to give space to others. 

4. Run in groups or bubbles of 6 people or less and try to remain in the bubbles each club run.

In addition to these points we have created a "track and trace" photo album update each time groups meet in case of track and trace being required. Members were spilt into the bubbles and thoroughly enjoyed their first club run in many months.  

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Runners play bingo

Runners play bingo

Runners play Bingo
Wellington running club took part in a whole month of daily actives that were dreamed up by club admins. Some serious and many more on the lighter side of life but all with the aim of keeping members running during the lockdown.
Thirty challenges to be completed in any order to fill up their bingo card. Ranging from running half marathons, 10k's and 5k's. Silly runs like running in disguise, singing whist running and a backwards mile. Also some community feel good runs such as running to collect rubbish, random acts of kindness and encourage a non-runner out on a run.
So many people achieved personal bests such as their furthest run, most miles ran in a month and thirty days of consecutive running. More importantly people remained motivated to just go out and enjoy the huge benefits running brings both in terms of fitness and mental well being.
So many members to list but these folks were regularly putting a cross on their bingo cards.
Claire Rodger, Dean & Helen Perry, Denise & Chris Poole, Jan Olive, Julie Strange, Louise Lowry, Jeremy & Sam Walters, Sara Hart Higby, Sophie Ellen, Maggie Mac Kinnon, Lucy Little, Alan Shormey, Tracey Marie Elliott, Louise Froud, Sarah Tydings, Ayshea & Matt Carpenter, Paul Booker Luke Merchant, Graham Bowpitt, Chalire Booker, Hazel Sims, Kath Millington, Lucy Johnson, Mel Ellis, Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, Vince & Karen Reed, Lucy Ford, Katie Holmes, Jim Beatty,

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June Bingo

June Bingo

30 days of June and 30 challenges.

30 days of June and 30 challenges.

Let's play 30 days of June BINGO. Print the photo and do ONE challange per day.  Share your achievements on our wall with video's, photo's and stravas's. End of the month post your bingo card to share your efforts. Come on and get on board, yes it silly but hoping as many people will jump in and enjoy some summer madness. You can still do serious milage etc stuff while you doing this items. 
I recon most people could do a lot but if anyone need's help;
1, think outside the box
2, see what others are posting
3, inbox me for some help especially anyone that's finds the 1/2 marathon a toughey.
Look forward to seeing what your guys can do.
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Virtual Mount Everest climb

Virtual Mount Everest climb

Run the equivalent height gain as Mount Everest at 29,000 feet

Some members took on a virtual Mount Everest climb. Twenty-four participants took part and achieved the matching elevation gain in just fourteen days.
Amazing achievement for some from the club who were not to keen on running up hills! This being the first time they have attempted for many club runners, some only recently having graduated our couch to five program. Favorite place to run up to was Wellington Monument obviously. 
Just another way we are trying to keep our club motivated whist we continue solo self distancing rules.

Participants and height gained individually.

Alisha Carpenter 175
Chris Poole 6056
Claire Roger 414
Dean Perry 1767
Denise Poole 2377
Elizabeth Kirkpatrict 450
Graham Bowpitt 2002
Helen Perry 1527
Jan Olive 334
James Fuller 896
Jeremy Walter 2094
Jim Beatty 687
Julie Strange 419
Louise Froud 576
Louise Lowry 2596
Lucy Little 1656
Luke Merchant 436
Maggie MacKinnon on 1776
Matt Carpenter 175
Mel Ellis 555
Paul Booker 1312
Sara Hart Higby 667
Sarah Tydings 130
Sohie Acout-Wills 229

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John o Groats to Lands end

John o Groats to Lands end

WRC recently completed a virtual running challange of the JoGLE

 Running 874 miles From the north of Scotland to the southernmost part of England at Lands End. These club members all contributed to completing the cha)range in 14 days. Virtual back slapping and medals all around.

Adam Holland 121.60

Alan Shorney 12.91

Ayshea Carpenter 22.20

Carol Watts 3

Carrie Tinsley 8.74

Chris Poole 53.3

Claire Rodger 13 57

Dean Perry 19.37

Denise Poole 6.6

Elisabeth Kirkpatrick 13.92

Emma Hooper 11.52

Graham Bowpitt 58.60

Hanif Rahaman 17.29

Helen Perry 19.37

Hazel Sims 2.69

Jan Olive 11.01

James Fuller 17.68

Jeremy Walters 30.45

Jim Beatty 17.24

Julie Strange 24.3

Karen Reed 8.

Louise Froud 27.7

Louise Lowry 37.58

Lucy Ford 2.85

Lucy Little 21.5

Luke Merchant 42.35

Maggie MacKinnon 34.93

Matt Carpenter 22.20

Paul Booker 45.9

Sam Walters 4.29

Sara Higby 33.12

Sarah Tydings 2.97

Sophie a' court-wills 18.51

Sophie Ellen 21.76

Tom Parson 62.43

Vince Reed 4.0

Total miles. 877.37

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Sport Relief 2020

Sport Relief 2020

Wellington Running Club members took park in a Sports Relief challenge on the 14th of March. 26 runners donated money to run a marked 2 mile loop around Wellington. Starting and stopping on the high street the club proved water and snacks along with some cakes to fuel the fundraising legs. Some did it once and others as many times as possible in the four hour time limit. Many recorded personal best distances during the mixed bag of weather conditions. Further club members and family also donated swelling our just giving page to £700.00. An amazing some raised by such a small number of runners. Runners and the numbers of loops completed;

Alan Shorney 5, Angie Clarke 1, Charlie Booker 4, Chris Higby 5, Chris Poole 2, 

Claire Roger 4, Emilie Louise Janaway 3, Dean Perry 8.PB. Denise Poole 4

Donna Butterflies 4.PB, Hazel Sims 3, Jan Olive 3, Jeremy Walters 8.PB, Jo McLellan 3

Julie Strange 5.PB, Lesley Watkins 3.PB, Lisa Brown 3, Louise Lowry 1, Lucy Ford 4

Mel Ellis 3, Nick Peresdee 1, Richard Edge 3, Rodney Lockyer 6, Paul Booker 10

Sam Walters 1, Sara Hart Higby 6, Sophie Ellen 1, Trevor Sims 1, Vince Reed 10.PB

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Exmouth 10k 8th March 2020

Exmouth 10k 8th March 2020

Exmouth 10k enjoyed fabulous weather for its first running of the Ocean Duo 10k. A the mixed terrain course takes in all of the Exmouth sea front with large numbers of supporters cheering the runners on.
Graham Bowpitt and Louise Froude took park representing out club. Graham pushed hard from the very start and never lost sight of the lead runners over the tarmac, coast paths and beach sections. Staying strong across the finish line 17th out of 149 competitor's. Louise entered this race with very little training but had enjoyed some club runs as a warm up. She ran an amazing race keeping consistent pace throughout and ignoring a niggling knee. A fanatic final push to the finish line and her much desired medal. Well done to them both.
Louise and I enjoying the Exmouth 10k I managed a sneaky little 15th male place and Louise had a great run and had a really strong finish

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Christmas run 13th Dec 2019

Christmas run 13th Dec 2019

 Wellington Running Club took to the streets on Friday night with lights flashing and Christmas music playing for their fancy dress Christmas run. We had elves, puddings, gingerbread men and all manor of festive outfits. We certainly bought a smile to people out

late shopping as we danced around the town.

We rounded of the festivities with a party in the Iron Duke who kindly provided us with sitting.

Finally the fancy dress prize went to Donna

Butterflies for her Christmas tree creation, however everyone looked amazing

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Blown Away

Blown Away

Three members were out racing this weekend. Jan Olive took on her first trail run at the "brentford 5km" race. A tough course on Dartmoor made even harder by the strong winds that was even blowing away direction signs. Well done to Jan and not getting lost and taking on some steep hill climbs. Vince Reed and Chris Poole joined two and a half thousand other fancy dress runners at the annual Weston Christmas cracker 10k beach race. The lads loved the 40mph winds heading down the beach but the laughs stopped heading back up again into that
headwind..twice. Mince pies all round at the finish and great festive spirit all round.

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Runners face tough conditions

Runners face tough conditions

Taunton park run had three of our members take on the huge muddy puddles in the weekly free 5km time event at Longrun Meadow. Well done to Graham Bowpitt, Jan Olive and Kathy Millington.
Bicton Blister trail race sore Jeremy Walter's, Sam Walter's and Graham Bowpitt take part on the Woodbury common 10 mile route. Perfect weather conditions helped all to overcome the hills and muddy route. A real mixed terrain event that tested all taking part. Finish times were 1:31 for Graham and 1:43 for Jeremy.
Chris Poole took part in a night trail race at Ham Hill country park estate. Conditions were the worst the event has seen with huge amounts of mud and dense fog in places. However Chris came away with a personal best in his third running of the race with a time of 1:37 overs the 10 mile route.

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  • South Street car park, Wellington, Somerset, TA21 8PW
  • Often referred to as Co-op car park

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From where Wellington Running Group was born. Formed to provide a home for those that run for fun, Taunton Running Club (TRC) is the UK's largest independent running club. TRC is not subject to athletics rules or regulations. The club's emphasis, therefore, is on social running, keeping fit and improving members physical/mental health with no pressure. Membership of the club is FREE and is run by experienced volunteers & running group leaders.


Why join a running club. Those two words in combination have the capability to strike fear into the hearts of almost anyone. Even if you know better, you’re probably still conjuring up images of whippet-thin runners in Lycra, churning out mile-repeats at a pace you couldn’t even hope to sustain for 30 seconds!