Cracking day in Cardiff.

Wellington running club headed into Wales to join 27,500 other runners to take part in the annual Cardiff half marathon. What was forecast as a damp day turned out to be a lovely sunny day which brought even more crowds to the hugly support event. Fantastic individual efforts by all our club members in striving for personal goals and digging deep. Some personal bests achieved and a great day out. Official finish times are;
Lucy Little. 1:57:04. Vince Reed 2:01:51. Denise and Chris Poole 2:28:07. Natalie Troake 2:39:35. Sara Hart Higby and Claire Roger 2:45:24. On a very sad note a runner passed away in the race despite the best attempts of the medical teams. We would like to offer our deepest condolences to the family and friends.