Cream Tea Caper

A few Wellington Running Club members took part in The Cream Tea Caper on Saturday. The event was held on part of the Exe trail located at the Double Locks Pub in Exeter. The race consisted of a 3.3-mile loop and the option to run up to 8 hours to see how many loops you could attempt. Most people aimed for a certain distance rather than a time.

Weather conditions were a bit on the warm side, average temperature being 76 degrees and very little shade on the route.

Alan Shorney having been out with an illness did amazing to even make the start line and completed 3 loops and 10miles. Vince Reed was forced to retire at lap 5 (16.75 miles) with a twisted ankle but had a great finish time just below the three-hour mark. Also 5 loop finishes were Natalie Troake, Claire Roger, Sara Hart Higby and Denise Poole. All completed in just over four hours. Chris Poole completed 9 loops and 30.5 miles and finished 27 out of 209 overall.

As well as receiving a medal all finishers enjoyed a well earnt cream tea. Jam on top!