Milers with a Smile

On the 23rd of January Wellington Running Club endeavoured to get as many people active at the same time be it running or walking. 10am was the mass virtual start to run/walk from a mile to any distance. The premise was simple; Lace up some trainers and go out and run A MILE. It maybe the first mile some of you have run but just do it. It could be the start of a life of running to you folks that don't run. Set any challenge you like, maybe you fastest mile. Maybe a backward run as so many loved that before. A walking mile even to any injured folks. Whatever just do it just join us and smile as you go. Please run or walk from your home or workplace if possible to avoid unnecessary travel. 
We had so many people join in and this list is just a sample. 
Well done members of "the all blacks". Charlie Booker . Vince Reed . Karen Reed. Claire Barclay. Richard Edge.Lucy Johnson. Julie Strange. Tanya Downs. Rodney Lockyer. Becky Little. Shelia Colman. Frank Coleman. Sophie Ellen. Graham Bowpitt. Jeremy Walters. Sam Walters. Paul Booker. Ayshea Carpenter. Taboo Jane. Agnies Zka. Jan Olive. Denise Poole. Maggie Mac Kinnon. Lucy Ford. Chris Poole. Jo Supple. Mel Ellis. Penny Hartwell. Claire Justice. Donna Butterflies. Luke Merchant. Louise Lowery. Rosie B. Hanif Rahaman. Sara Higby. Chris Higby. Lucy Ford. Louise Mills. Hazel Sims. Kirsty Harris. Claire Rodger & archie. Lesley Watkins. Anna Jeffery. Simon Denson. Debra Abel. Stephen Lee.