Runners face tough conditions

Taunton park run had three of our members take on the huge muddy puddles in the weekly free 5km time event at Longrun Meadow. Well done to Graham Bowpitt, Jan Olive and Kathy Millington.
Bicton Blister trail race sore Jeremy Walter's, Sam Walter's and Graham Bowpitt take part on the Woodbury common 10 mile route. Perfect weather conditions helped all to overcome the hills and muddy route. A real mixed terrain event that tested all taking part. Finish times were 1:31 for Graham and 1:43 for Jeremy.
Chris Poole took part in a night trail race at Ham Hill country park estate. Conditions were the worst the event has seen with huge amounts of mud and dense fog in places. However Chris came away with a personal best in his third running of the race with a time of 1:37 overs the 10 mile route.