Wellington Winter Wobble 10K 2020

Wellington running club put on a socially distanced timed running event on Wednesday 30th of December. The weather gods were on our side with a break in the rain allowed for a dry but bitterly cold day  Sixty runners from different running clubs in the area were started in groups of six people at one-minute intervals to insure everyone was kept apart and safe. The runners faced a very hilly route around the country lanes of Wellington. Most heard comment at the finish “how can you have that many hills in just six miles”. The route started in the playing field area of the park and headed out to Langford Budville, then to Holywell lake and retuning back via Westford and the Basons First gent home was Dean Bennett in a incredible time of 41:19. First lady home was Joanne Carritt in an equally impressive time of 47:18. Well done to them both. All runners were rewarded for the efforts by collecting pre-packed goodie bags containing the all-important medal, a mince pie, sweets and water. None of the normal hugs and high fives but plenty of smiles. All said it was tremendous way to finish what we all know to be one of the strangest years of our lives. Event organiser Chris Poole would like to thank all that took part and the all-important marshals for help on the day. It is hope the event will return again next year when we can open the entry to larger numbers plus a ten mile race. Results. 

NameStart timeNo.Clock timeFinish timePosition
Dean Bennettt10:06:00 AM4247:19:0041:19:001
Joanne Carritt10:09:00 AM12 (60)56:18:0047:18:002
Fintan Murry10:07:00 AM4756:27:0049:27:003
Nick Brazier10:05:00 AM3554:38:0049:38:004
Michael Turk10:08:00 AM5357:53:0049:43:005
Luke Merchant10:00:00 AM551:01:0051:01:006
Sarah Hayes10:10:00 AM6101:01:3051:02:007
Graham Bowpit10:03:00 AM2155:09:0052:09:008
Frank Colman10:30:00 AM6801:03:3653:06:009
Samantha Wharton10:08:00 AM4901:02:4054:02:0010
Tanya Lewis10:09:00 AM5501:02:4054:02:0010
Louise Lowry10:09:00 AM6001:03:5754:57:0012
Carley Payne 10:10:00 AM6201:04:5754:57:0013
Nicholas Presdee10:09:00 AM5701:03:5954:59:0014
Simon Denson10:08:00 AM5001:03:1555:03:0015
Lisa Denson10:08:00 AM5101:03:1555:03:0015
Paul Booker10:02:00 AM1758:41:0056:41:0017
Neil Fitzgerald10:03:00 AM2401:02.057:02:0018
Andy Justice10:07:00 AM4801:04:3557:35:0019
Chris Adams10:10:00 AM6401:07:4157:41:0020
Sara Hart Higby10:03:00 AM1901:04:1901:01:1921
Chris Higby10:03:00 AM2001:04:1901:01:1921
Rodney Lockyer10:00:00 AM201:02:3401:02:3423
Charlotte Allan10:00:00 AM301:02:3601:02:3624
Sophie Skinner10:04:00 AM2901:06:4801:02:4825
Debra Abel10:04:00 AM2501:06:4901:02:4926
Penny Crout10:10:00 AM6301:13:4001:03:4027
Amy Maunder10:10:00 AM6601:13:4001:03:4027
Charlie Booker10:02:00 AM1801:06:5701:04:5729
Ashley Crossley10:06:00 AM3801:11:3801:05:3830
Mattew Tooze10:07:00 AM4601:12:4601:05:4631
Jamie Tooze10:07:00 AM4501:12:4701:05:4732
Jolene Allan10:05:00 AM3101:11:3301:06:3333
Clare Swanning 10:04:00 AM2801:10:4601:06:4634
Claire Justice10:07:00 AM4301:15:2201:08:2235
Lisa Tooze10:07:00 AM4401:15:2201:08:2236
Steven Abel10:04:00 AM2601:12:3801:08:3837
Erin Black10:04:00 AM2701:13:3201:09:3238
Peter Stetton10:06:00 AM4001:15:4001:09:4039
Craig Moore10:06:00 AM3901:15:4101:09:4140
Liz William10:06:00 AM3701:15:4901:09:4941
Zoe Arthurs10:03:00 AM2201:12:5801:09:5842
Katie Hains10:06:00 AM4101:17:3601:11:3643
Vince Reed10:00:00 AM401:11:4201:11:4244
Julie Strange10:02:00 AM1601:14:0501:12:0545
Rosie Bennyworth10:08:00 AM5201:20:5901:12:5946
Ayshea Carpenter10:01:00 AM1101:14:4301:13:4347
Dean Perry10:01:00 AM701:19:2101:18:2148
Helen Perry10:01:00 AM801:19:2801:18:2849
Elizabeth Kirkpatrick10:05:00 AM3401:24:3601:19:1650
Tanya Downs10:05:00 AM3601:24:1801:19:1851
Donna Hembrow10:00:00 AM101:19:2301:19:2352
Sheila Colman10:30:00 AM6701:30:3801:20:0953
Jan Olive10:02:00 AM1401:23:1601:21:1654
Sam Walters10:04:00 AM3001:34:2201:30:2255
Denise PooleTail Runner

MarshalsAllan Strange
Corums Lane & Basons

Mel Elliss

Jackie Booker
Holywell Lake  Inn

Alan Shorney
Westford railway bridge

Kelly Poole
Medals & Photos

Denise Poole
Tail Runner