Wellington Running Club is proudly sponsored by Attic Designs Ltd.  They kindly cover costs such as Web site, domain name, medals,  administering club kit shop,and stationary etc.

Getting your shoes laced up correctly is essential and can solve various running problems. 


Chiropractor; Sharon Davies (Pearse)

As a Chiropractor she is qualified to treat a variety of conditions and injuries including back and neck pain, sports injuries, muscle strain as well as joint pain. She is trained in numerous treatment techniques including chiropractic manipulation, medical acupuncture (dry needling), kinesiotaping, soft tissue therapies including Trigger Point Therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, orthotics and various rehabilitation techniques (exercises). Sharon is qualified and happy to treat patients of all ages.


Sports Injuries; Caroline Storey

Welcome to CS Sports Therapy, a mobile clinic covering the areas of Bridgwater, Taunton & Yeovil, offering a range of sports therapy and holistic treatments. I deliver a personalised and professional service, dedicated to understanding the cause and prevention of injuries; treating and rehabilitating injuries and musculoskeletal problems.


Pilates; Sharon Davies

Running is a repetitive activity which means that weaknesses or imbalances in your body could potentially occur because certain muscles are overused whilst others are underused. This of course can result in a variety of injuries from lower back pain to hip and knee problems. Over time Pilates exercises can help by activating the weaker muscles, lengthen the tight muscles and create better alignment. 

From where Wellington Running Group was born. Formed to provide a home for those that run for fun, Taunton Running Club (TRC) is the UK's largest independent running club. TRC is not subject to athletics rules or regulations. The club's emphasis, therefore, is on social running, keeping fit and improving members physical/mental health with no pressure. Membership of the club is FREE and is run by experienced volunteers & running group leaders.


Why join a running club. Those two words in combination have the capability to strike fear into the hearts of almost anyone. Even if you know better, you’re probably still conjuring up images of whippet-thin runners in Lycra, churning out mile-repeats at a pace you couldn’t even hope to sustain for 30 seconds!